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What´s my name, -KAI-

A personalised storybook for boys called KAI. 
The story is based on the letters of the child's own name. All books are different from one another.
The boy wakes up but can't remember his name.
Magic Mouse knows how to solve the problem.
Magic Mouse takes him on a wonderful adventure in his Magic Bus!
Translated and adapted by the author from the Top-Selling Finnish language personalised children's namebook series "Tyttö/Poika, joka unohti nimensä". And the beautiful hand-drawn pictures will delight both the young and the young-at-heart! 
Teksti: Tiina Walsh
Kuvitus: Anni Virta
Kirjan koko 21,6 x 21,6
3-kirjaimiset nimet 26 sivua, 4-kirjaimiset nimet 28 sivua, 5 kirjaimiset nimet 30 sivua jne...
Paino 105 grammaa
Loppumassa - Lähetetään 1-3 arkipäivän kuluessa ( + postin toimitusaika )
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